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Cabinet maker's paint (lacquer) job on custom kitchen cabinets???

14 years ago

Hi everyone,

I hope we can find some help here. We're doing a kitchen gut/remodel which is almost done. A few days ago, the cabinets went in. We went with a local cabinet maker that our contractor recommended, and, for the most part, we're pretty happy with the construction/quality of the cabinets. Because we have a smaller kitchen and live in the Pacific Northwest (long, dreary winters), we wanted to do painted cabinets in a creamy white. We love the color, but as I was cleaning the cabinets up after they were installed, I started to notice that there were bits of grit or something in the finish. As I went over all the cabinets, I found more and more little imperfections, a sag here, not enough sanding in many places, more grit, finish not smooth to the touch, etc.

Having done a little refinishing of furniture myself (although I'm no expert), I really don't find this acceptable. If it was just a few dings from installation that could be touched up, that would be one thing. But it seems they didn't keep the area clean enough when they sprayed on the lacquer. We feel this could also really compromise the long-term quality of the finish. I mean, these are kitchen cabinets, they need to be able to stand up to some abuse. You need to be able to clean them up and not worry about all these little bits flaking off, and then there you go. The finish is compromised.

Am I off base here? My contractor tells me he can go through and "detail" these places. Sure, a bit of that I can see. But there's too much here imho. We have called the cabinet maker and asked him to take the drawer fronts and doors back to sand and respray them. Opinions?? Help??

We lived happily with a very sturdy Ikea kitchen in Europe for 10 years and were thinking about that for this kitchen as well. But now we're homeowners and decided that we'd step up a bit since it's more for the long-term. Then we thought it would be great to support our local businesses. Now I'm having!!

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