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Why is blue green almost impossible to work with?

15 years ago

I know some of you are probably getting tired of my posts regarding finding a blue-green for my living room. I am so upset. I finally, finally found some shades that I really like on the wall (SW Oyster Bay, BM Raindance, BM Flora), but I have come to the conclusion it just isn't a color that works in a common living area. It is just too hard to match with other colors, and it is something I'll concede that I'll probably get tired of in such a large dose. Unless you live on the beach with tons of windows, white beadboard, dark wood floors, and all white upholstery, it's lovely, but not liveable.

In some lights it's great, but in others it looks too minty green. Oyster Bay comes closest to working as it is the "dirtiest" shade, but there's just something about it that's off in such large expanses. I find that colorful artwork looks really strange against it. I really love cool colors, but I don't get that "ahhhh" feeling like when I place my black and silver framed art against freshly painted walls in warm tones. Are warm tones inherently easier to work with? I am really thinking I will have to go with a neutral taupe in my living room and restrict the blue-green to the back section of the room which comprises the kitchen and dining area. Since I've discovered how well white goes with blue-green, I'm considering adding a chair rail with beadboard or picture framing below in a cream or white.

Incidentally, I did discover the "PERFECT" blue green for my bathrooms, so at least something came out of my hundred dollar plus tester experimenting. BM Raindance is absolutely beautiful. It is 2 below Gray Wisp, and looks like a darker, greener version of Restoration Hardware walls. I can't really describe it--gives me the feeling of clear Caribbean aqua water all foamy as it washes across the sand back into the sea. It works in the bathroom because it is a relatively small room with all white countertops and cabinets and light beige tile work.

But please, if anyone has any tricks for working with blue greens, let me know. It is my absolute favorite color--it is so exotic, mysterious, happy, vital, soothing, and even electrifying all at the same time!

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