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New Here, Question about dog w/shoulder pain

15 years ago

We have a dog who is blue heeler/jack russell mix. At the time we adopted him at the shelter a little over a year ago, they told us he was 3 years old. He was a stray, so his age is really unknown.

He began 3-4 months ago having problems with one of his front legs and was limping. We assumed he was probably older than we were told and it was arthritis. We took him to our vet several times over the course of a couple of months. Each time they would give him a cortizone shot and send us home with steriods. The shot would relieve his symptoms for a few days and then they would come back. X-rays were done and nothing was shown.

When it got the point where he (Shorty) refused to use his leg at all, we went to another vet. They did more x-rays and diagnosed a joint problem which they felt required surgery. They were unable to do that, so they sent us to a well-known vet here in town, the only one here who does orthopedic surgery.

We saw him a couple of days ago and he first said he thought it was a high probability Shorty had a tumor. I went in thinking orthopedic surgery, so I was devastated. This vet did more x-rays and a joint fluid test. He said the joint fluid was abnormal, and he feels he might have an infection in his joint. He said this could have been caused by a puncture wound or a tick bite. He hasn't had either of those in the year we've had him, unless he stepped on something outside and we didn't know it. We've never seen blood on him anywhere.

He sent us home with antibiotics, pain pills and another medication and is going to recheck him in a week. This vet's office is like a resort for pets, and the bill was over $400!!!!! When I called yesterday around 10:30, he was "videotaping" and would call me back in 15 mins. (he does a news segment for a morning news show here weekly). I finally got back in touch with him around noon. Turns out the videotaping he was doing was of my dog!!!! He doesn't know exactly what is wrong, and is having him on the show. I was furious since my dog was in pain and had an empty stomach waiting on the joint procedure to be done. It's like when you have a specialist, though, you don't want to rock the boat, so I didn't say anything much about it.

My question is, has anyone dealt with this in a dog before? Any input will be appreciated!!!!

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