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Plastic patio chairs painted and decoupaged. Wanna see?

10 years ago

Thanks again Arjay and Lazygardens for the tips and encouragement. You're the best!

Here they are, lightly sanded with a little sanding block. Pretty ugly, eh? I advise sanding first if the surface is not smooth. It was quick and easy because the plastic is soft.



Arjay, your great tip on using exterior primer and house paint enabled me to match the deck railing.

The decoupage helped cover some of my painting imperfections. After the Mod Podge, each chair got four very thin coats of gloss water-based spar varnish.

Painting the body was fastest and easiest with a foam brush because you can push-pull and do side-to-side strokes to spread the paint thinly and smoothly.

Foam was a bad choice for the varnish as it flaked a bit and left tiny black dots. I quickly changed to using a real paint brush.

I didn't get to the bench yet, so it's a project for later.

The project was fun to do on my dining room table and every time I see these chairs it makes me smile.

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