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possible new dog afraid noises & going outdoors- long

16 years ago

Because I recently lost my old dog, I'm looking into getting a 2nd dog. I've contacted a Rescue Group and may be able to adopt one of two 5-month old siblings.

I have few details about the pups other than the following:

-- After the owners obtained them, they put the pups in an outdoor kennel and left them there.

-- The pups are afraid of loud noises.

-- They fear going outdoors.

-- The Rescue people think "something very bad" happened to the pups, perhaps they were harassed with firecrackers while confined to the kennel.

-- The Rescue people say the pups are comfortable when in a crate.

One of the pups was brought to my home for a pet meet and interacted well with my 2 y.o. dog. Because he did so well, I'm considering adopting him or his brother.

When I interacted with the pup, he wasn't afraid. He didn't duck when I suddenly reached for his head. He was comfortable when I cradled his head and face in my hands. And enjoyed the romp around my backyard. As far as I could tell, he appeared healthy.

But my concern is the pups' fear of noise, also of leaving the house to go outdoors.

So, my question is this -- Would I have a reasonable expectation to be able to resolve the pup's issues, perhaps with a private trainer at my side? (I always take my dogs to obedience classes, and have done well with that.)

Or am I so excited by the thought of having another pup, and a rather good-looking one at that, that I'm overlooking something?

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