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Help with empty wall in kitchen (long but lots of pics)

8 years ago

In December of 2012 we did a quick, one-month remodel of our kitchen. We have some lingering tasks that need to happen but they will have to happen in stages (as we have money).

First let me explain about the remodel..... It was a real puzzle because we started out planning to just reface the old cabinets, then mid-way through we changed and tore out the old cabinets and built new, but had to work with the same sizes because the doors and drawer fronts were already made.

The kitchen is a mismash as it is - we have a pantry built in 2009, some upper cabinets built in 2003, then the island and perimeter cabinets built in 2012.

There is an 8 ft 5 in wall that has uppers and no lowers (yet). We have new doors for the uppers, but I'm not sure we are going to leave the uppers there (may pull off and do something different). We cannot leave this empty because when there is nothing there, it becomes a landing zone for shoes, bags, etc. Long story why there are 10 year old uppers and no lowers. LOL

My family consists of my husband and myself, plus four children: three boys and a girl, ages 15, 13, 10 and 8. Whenever our extended family gets together, it's always at our house, so I'd like to make that empty wall something like a Butler's pantry.

What I thought of was a new, small (24 in wide) refrigerator, a second dishwasher and a prep sink. But, if I keep the refrigerator in the laundry room (not the one you see; that it our old one and too big for the space), then I could have a secondary pantry, more to hold small appliances and maybe a microwave. I don't know.

I don't know. I feel like I have SO much counter space as it is, I don't need any more and worry that by putting a sink and dishwasher there, it will just look like a ring of cabinets & counters. Should I just put a hutch there?

Things on our list for this year:

1. New floor - Marmoleum or cork
2. Hook up exhaust vent and install new vent hood (taking down OTR microwave).
3. Buy smaller microwave and put it somewhere.
4. Replace wood door with sliding, barn door with translucent panels.
5. Put in new under-cabinet lighting.
6. Finish that daggum wall! LOL

Okay, question for you brilliant kitchen gurus: What would you do with this space?

- More counter, second dishwasher and prep sink?
- Hutch-type cabinets, but no counter space?
- Bring 2nd refrigerator into kitchen or keep in laundry room?
- Anything else? Anything "outside the box?"

(We live on a farm in rural SC, so lots of flies during summer. If anyone is thinking open shelving, that is a no-go).

Some measurements.... there is 42" between island and sink aisle, 36" between fridge and island and 35" between range and island. If we put a 24" deep cabinet/counter along the problem wall, that leaves 46" between it and the island. (Yes, the carpenter built the island too big).

Translucent bard door (kind of) will slide inside the laundry room.

Below are some pictures of the space. Thank you so much for reading this far and any tips or advice you can send my way.

We had snow this week, which made the kitchen much brighter. We are in SC, and snow is not the norm. LOL

This last little note: we previously had cream uppers and lowers. The lowers got so dinged up and looked terrible, so when we went to remodel my husband wanted stained lowers so they'd hold up better. Our family and friends thought we had lost our minds. Low and behold, it's become a big trend now so we don't get crazy looks anymore. LOL

Very last note: In case anyone is thinking they've seen this kitchen before, I shared about the remodel last January under my previous user name.

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