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Please Help Me With My Living Room Design Problems

15 years ago

Right now, my 15' X 17' country style living room is almost empty. I need to buy upholstered furniture, decide on a color scheme, window treatments, wall, trim and door colors, what to do with the outdated fireplace and what to do with the area near the vaulted ceiling, etc. I'm not very good at decorating and would really appreciate any advice you have to offer after looking at my pictures.

The bi-fold door above goes into my kitchen which has wallpaper with dominant colors of burgandy, denim blue, blue-green and off-white. The wallpaper is bold and I can't replace it right now. I think I may need to stick with a color theme in the living room that matches the kitchen even though the colors in the kitchen are not my favorites.

This is the wall where my sofa will go. The area above the sofa is very large and made larger by the vaulted ceiling. Any suggestions about decorating this wall?

Should I aim to purchase new hardwood furniture or does this mid-century Ethan Allen Maple furniture work alright?

Wallpaper in kitchen off the living room

I will appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!

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