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Would you put a Saarinen round table in this space?

10 years ago

I was thinking of putting a Saarinen marble top table in this space, in front of the blue chair. It is a den area that is bordered by two bedrooms, an office, and a bathroom in a mcm house. I thought it would be a good place to sit and work (the windows have views of the pool) or to eat a snack and watch tv (if I ever get to installing one at the orange cabs) or possibly meet people for work. The tables are on sale at dwr next week, and I am *thinking* of buying one. The space from behind the couch to the wall, and wall to wall is 15.25 x 17 ft. I'm not sure on chairs either. Maybe eames chairs? The tables come in 35, 42,47, 54" sizes. I was thinking of the 42 or 47" size. I also have the light grey 8x10' nesta rug from dwr. I thought that might be nice under it. Thanks for any opinions!

Saarinen table:

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