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SW - porch & floor paint still tacky on stairs.

12 years ago

I painted my stairs a few weeks ago. Did all the appropriate sanding, cleaning, used BIN primer and SW porch and floor paint. I allowed proper drying times for everything. After the first coat of the brown (sw) paint a few days later it was still tacky but I finally gave in and did the 2nd coat thinking it would eventually dry completely. The can says you can recoat I think in 4 hours. Again, I waited a few days. The house temp is set at 72-74 degrees. I was going to wait for at least a month for paint to cure until we started walking on them but three weeks in and they're still tacky. This isn't going to go away is it?

I'm pretty frustrated because I really took my time on this and wanted to do it "right".

This is the 2nd time I've ever used SW paint. The first time I bought their all purpose enamel paint for my bathroom cabinet and I wasn't real impressed.

Thoughts or suggestions?

I was going to post the finished results once it was done curing and I removed the rest of the tape on the treads. I don't even want to walk on them at this rate.


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