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Okay to use water-based paint over oil-based primer?

11 years ago

I think the answer is yes, but wondered if someone with some experience doing this could confirm...I've made a mess of mixing latex and oil paints in the past but I think the primer is a special case, yes?

We have a lot of leftover oil-based primer (Kilz and Zinsser brands) from some older projects that I'd love to use up, but will need to cover the primer with BM water-based Satin Impervo. Will this work? If it matters, we're painting a wooden door that was last painted in BM oil-based Satin Impervo (one side) and some ancient paint circa 1920 that has now been sanded down (side that had been boarded up). I want a good primer that is going to seal that (presumably) lead-based paint in nicely since this is the door to a pantry in a house with small children, so we're wary of anything that is going to lead to a lot of peeling.

Is it safe to use the oil-based primer topped with the water-based latex in this scenario? If not, other recommendations? Thanks!

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