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Help with Kitchen Cabinet Paint color??

10 years ago

My home has a challenging, small, narrow kitchen. I can't tell which is worse: the placement of the appliances and fixtures OR the odd combination of building materials and finishes selected for this room. I could really use some help in trying to figure out how to make this space a bit more aesthetically pleasing. The lighting is one of

and sadly, does not offer much clean, bright white light.

is the scope of the kitchen taken from the equally tiny dining room. The walls and appliances are white, the counter tops are beige and the faux wood peel & stick flooring looks like a pine. The drab cabinets are faded, scratched and look like oak.
is the floating cabinets above the sink and
are the floating cabinets above the stove. Please note the white corningware-like cabinet hardware with the blue flowers. Those will be removed.

I am having an unbelievably difficult time trying to figure out what color to paint these cabinets and what technique to use. I had considered painting everything a simple white but with the various neutral colors going on, painting the cabinets white would probably bother me in the long run. When I painted the walls white, it already started to make the counter tops and flooring stand out, badly. I had thought about maybe painting the lower cabinets a distressed darker color, gray? gunmetal? And the upper cabinets vanilla or some sort of beige/white hybrid. All the cabinets a distressed white? But I'm stuck. I've used this site numerous times in the past and the advice is outstanding.

Any ideas about my paint color dilemma?