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hardwood vs linoleum

9 years ago

We are building a new house, and I go back and forth on my flooring options. I've seen lots of posts about tile vs hardwood. But what about hardwood vs lino?

Ceramic tiles are out. We had them in our current house for about 8 years and I hated them. Not only did my feet, legs and back ache (and I was 26 yrs old when we moved here!), but the grout always looked so filthy.

We then renovated the kitchen, and I wanted either marmoleum or cork. The marmoleum click tiles didn't feel all that soft when I walked on them in the showroom. And we got some cork cheap, so we went with cork.

DH regrets the cork, because the dog has scratched the beejeesus out of it. I don't really care about the scratches. I dab some stain on it and the scratches are gone. However, I'm not interested in making staining my floors part of my weekly cleaning routine. So DH is threatening to put ceramic in the new place if I even think about cork again. It wouldn't be so bad if we got cork that wasn't so cheap, and/or natural coloured.

Talking to a flooring guy, he saw no reason I couldn't do marmoleum sheets with a cork underlay, which would probably be the softest floor I could get. But DH is concerned about the transition from the hardwood in the rest of the main floor. He has suggested we just do wood all the way through.

We have hardwood now, and neither of us are under the illusion that the dog won't scratch it, too. For this reason, we're doing a natural colour with a distressed finish. Scratches will blend, and there's no risk of the natural wood colour showing through a surface stain colour.

I'd consider vinyl, but I assume it's no softer than wood? Also, the neighbourhood is rather high end, and I worry about vinyl being perceived as "cheap" in the event of resale.

So, would you go with wood or lino?

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