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*My LAST cabinet question - Painting mitered doors

11 years ago

Yes, I am an over-thinker and know it! I joke with my husband that I've now learned that over-thinkers should not build houses - ha! I asked a question about my kitchen door over the weekend, just if I picked the right style. I got lots of great answers. Well, the one that my husband noticed and keeps talking about is how someone responded that mitered doors don't really hold up well when painted. We asked our builder and he said any painted doors would eventually show cracks, due to humidity. Well, now my husband thinks we should switch to cherry cabinets. (That's what he's wanted all along!) However, we both REALLY want our kitchen to look good for years to come. We don't want the mitered edges to separate and look bad quickly. Help, we don't know if this is a real deal-killer on my white kitchen or not! Many thanks!

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