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help me pick a color for my master bathroom

15 years ago

Hi everyone,

Well, it looks like I will have to paint my master bath, as I've developed some mold on the walls which I'm in the process of killing and sealing. The builder had put in flat white paint. Floor is a dark green marble-look vinyl. Counters and tub are white tile, with small dark green accent tiles to match the floor. This is what will be the problem, as I don't plan on changing out the floor. I'm thinking I could probably paint over those decorative tiles with something. There are 2 small windows in the bathroom which face south and west, so it gets plenty of light. Any paint color suggestions? And would you go with eggshell or semi-gloss? I'm leaning more towards semi-gloss due to the mold factor, but I don't want the walls to look very shiny. TIA!

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