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Backsplash switching from OTR Mic to Hood

10 years ago

We have 36" cooktop with a 36" GE Profile OTR microwave. The backsplash is tile laid on a diagonal. The existing backsplash ends at the bottom of the upper cabinets. Above that there is drywall. You can see a couple of inches of it between the bottom of the OTR microwave and the top of the backsplash.

The microwave just died. It has been repaired several times already and we are not inclined to repair it again.

We would not have chosen an OTR microwave, but this was existing in the house when we bought it. GE no longer makes a 36" OTR microwave. Kitchen Aid makes one that is $900 which we aren't enthusiastic about. We could get a 30" microwave and get fillers for the side, but we don't love that idea either since we don't love the OTR microwave.

We do not want to spend a lot of money on a solution. We expect someday (but not for several years) to replace the cabinets, but that time is not now.

We are inclined to replace the OTR microwave with an inexpensive stainless hood (appliances are all stainless). Basically, for functionality at this point, not so much looks. We would just buy a countertop microwave as we have lots of counter space.

The problem is that the hoods we would place under the upper cabinet are much smaller than the OTR microwave so there will be a lot of drywall between the bottom of the hood and the top of the backsplash.

Any idea of what to do about this if we can't find tile to match the existing backsplash? We want to minimize cost on this since we expect to redo the backsplash in a few years when we replace the cabinets. But, we do want something that looks aesthetically OK in the meantime. This is a very open kitchen and the backsplash area above the cooktop is visible from the living area.

I don't think it matters for this question, but - to be complete - we are also probably going to be now replacing our 36" gas cooktop with an induction cooktop (probably GE profile).

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