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can an Olde American panel bed enter the modern era?

15 years ago

thanks in advance for your patience and ideas.

Here's our bed, roughly. (our headboard is taller, our footboard extends all the way to the floor, and it and the side rails are paneled like the head- and footboard, but you get the general idea.) We found it on CL for $100. Solid dark wood, quite imposing, super-sturdy and pretty. Not our forever bed. But for now, it's fine.

The bed is currently the only piece of furniture against a white wall roughly 10 feet wide and 10 feet high. The near wall will soon be painted Ralph Lauren Deep Cream 125% -- very light greige, probably with a pearl or metallic finish over it if I find the patience to do it. (room is very dark, hence the light wall colors)

Duvet covers/comforters are negotiable, so don't worry about them.

We are in the process of acquiring more bedroom furniture and accessories, and clearing out the grad school/decrepit pressboard/thrift shop stuff. We need pretty much everything: tall chest of drawers, long dresser, narrow nightstands, bedside lamps or sconces, the whole shebang. Our only caveat is that whatever we get, we don't want it to echo the colonial/traditional lines of the bed. We really like neutrals, black/ORB metals, light or white lampshades, clean lines. DH loves Mission. I can go for that, although I'm a bit more transitional/modern at heart. (: I really like strong, not-busy graphic patterns, and have a fond spot in my heart for MCM furniture, though much of it clashes horribly with this bed.

Two questions, then:

Am I barking up the wrong tree? Is this even possible, to take an Olde American panel bed like this and try to Thomas O'Brien/Aero/Dwell Home/Frank Lloyd Wright it? (yes, I know those aren't officially verbs. They are now!)

How would you do it? Any suggestions for lamps, sconces? dressers? other accessories? I have found the furniture issue especially challenging: most of what we find is close in style to the bed or is so extremely dark/heavy/boxy that it's sort of oppressive taken _in toto_. Not really sure where to go, esp re nightstands. (those have to be narrow -- 21" w max.)

Toss me whatever you find, regardless of price. I'm thinking of this as dream-shopping/window-shopping with a talented bunch of friends. I'm looking for inspiration, mainly.

thanks again!

Here is a link that might be useful: here's the bed

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