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His & Her Bathrooms - Your thoughts?

13 years ago

We're planning on expanding our house and adding a large master suite and need to finalize the architectural design. My husband recently chimed in and said he'd like separate bathrooms in addition to separate closets. I'm intrigued by the idea, and like it in some ways, but not necessarily in others, so I thought I'd put it out to the group for your thoughts.

The ground rules:

- Hubby is a builder and can build 'at cost' so the usual rules about 'too expensive' won't really apply. And even after the expansion, the house won't be over the market -- So let's say money's no limit.

- We have a lot of space available to work with since the master will be above the garage, so size is also not a limiting factor.

- And we plan to resell the house fairly soon after finishing the work, so what we want personally is less important than what a prospective future buyer will want.

So if money (within reason) and space are not limiting factors, what would be your ideal master bath and closet configuration? I'm talking configuration and layout -- not finishes.

Closets - 1 or 2? How big?

Toilet Compartments - 1 or 2? Bidet? Washlet?

Shower - Shared? 2? Ideal size? Two doors? Doorless?

Tub - Freestanding? Jetted? Air?

Vanity arrangement - Sizes?

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