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Please help me pick exterior paint colors!!!

15 years ago


I just bought my first house :) It's a small frame house with (all)wood siding built in the 1960s. The previous owners had the house painted right before I bought it. They painted it a light beige with white trim. I want to make it look more cottage-like. I bought a craftsman style door with dentil shelf that I want to paint bright red. So, the exterior so far would be beige with a red front door. I want to add shutters and don't know what color would coordinate. I was thinking black, charcoal, or navy. Also, I want inquire about what trim colors I should use. The house currently has a black porch light, black house numbers, and a black mailbox. Eventually, I also want to put white railings around the small porch with planter boxes to give it a more cottage feel. I would appreciate any help/advice that you can give me.


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