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Yellowing alkyd isn't a problem if I'm using 'yellow' right??

15 years ago

Hi all,

I'm in the middle of a stressful and not-very-pleasant kitchen painting job. Eventually the kitchen will be BM Barley, a vintage looking, kind of drab pale yellow. I prefer working with oil (it is easier for me), so I think I'd like to use the BM Impervo in oil (I'm scared of the fast dry time on the waterborne). Since the kitchen will be yellow, will the 'yellowing' of the alkyd paint be noticeable? I've searched for a loooooooong time for just the right yellow, and I don't want it to change its color over time.

[And can I just complain: painting with wild, hyper, little boys in the house really is a pain in the arse! Especially when your primer has a 6-8 hour dry time. ]

Thanks for the advice!


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