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How much caulk around exterior door??

16 years ago

I'm prepping for repainting exterior and find that there is a *ton* of caulk between the brick and framing of my front door. Gobs. Here's a picture of by the doorbell.

When I scrape it out, there is more framing and brick exposed, like so:

I know I need to caulk well enough to eliminate cracks and potential drafts (cold climate), but do I need to put back that amount of caulk? And cover 1/4 to 1/2 inch of the framing and brick again?

Seems like I could do it carefully and end up with a much cleaner line and look than this job from 18 years ago.

Should it have gobs of caulk? If, so I'm gonna need a whole, whole lot o tubes.


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