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How do you solve the 'excuse me, I need that' problem?

10 years ago

I have a good sized kitchen and we work together a lot. I think my kitchen is well organized.

The problem is the storage location. I always feel like we are asking the other person to step aside so that we can get to the items stored where the person is standing. It does not seem to matter where the person is working, there is always something we need from that location. We have multiple easy counter spaces where we work from. So we end up doing, "excuse me, I need to get into that drawer...."

I have tried all sorts of storage arrangement. The most used items, knives, cutting board, kitchen utensils seem to be the culprit. Unless I have doubles of everything, stored in two different far apart locations, I just don't see how I can avoid this problem.

Another possibility is that I store these items in places where I would never work at.... That defeats the purposes of easy access.

I think a part of my problem is that my drawers are so wide, 36 inches or more, one has to step a side a couple of steps to have the drawers open. When the drawer is only 18 inches wide, then you may not need to move much.... Maybe this is the downside to having a large drawer.....

What am I missing?

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