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What kind of bottles/nipples do you (do you not) recommend?

22 years ago

We're starting DD in daycare tomorrow and they require a clean bottle for each feeding. That means I've got to buy some more. We've only got a few bottles and I've been using the evenflo 4 oz with matching silicone med. flow nipples. She seems to do real well with these. I've noticed certain nipples "give" her gas and I want to avoid that as much as possible. (Or, let's just say I've noticed a correlation between gas and certain nipples.) Before I go out and stock up on this type of bottle/nipple I was wondering if there were others you could recommend or say stay away from. I haven't had a problem with ear infections so I don't know if the angled bottles are necessary or not - but, then again, she's only 3 months old. Thanks!!!

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