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Popcorn Ceiling

9 years ago

This is probably a stupid question but I'm hoping for a magical solution so here goes...
We've purchased a home from my in-laws with a popcorn ceiling on a 25' x 25' family room addition built on back in the 80's. (Think little sparkliy/glittery accents mixed with the popcorn to top it off, lol.) It had track lighting - tons - and ceiling-hung curtain rods that I've removed and patched the holes from. It came out great. We don't mind the texture at all but it is waaay overdue to be painted. Is there any way to get around spraying it? We're hoping to not have to re-paint the walls just yet but I know that the ceiling overspray will necessitate it. Are there any miracle solutions? I'd imagine not but I had to ask just in case, lol.

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