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Yellow/Gold paints - please help asap!

14 years ago

Could you please share your wisdom and experience and recommend a nice yellow or light terracotta color for my walls? Please see below for some background info.

We are moving to our own apt after renting for years. After years of living with white walls, I wanted to go for color on the walls in the new place - soft yellows, oranges, terracotta - a sort of Tuscan/Provencal/Spanish feel (sorry for generalizing!) and a warm sunny feel too. Spent several days looking at a myriad of (mainly Benjamin Moore) color samples and was just overwhelmed by the sheer variety of hues and shades. We tested BM "Moonlight" and "Popcorn Kernel" - both while pleasantly yellow-tinted on paper appeared almost white on the wall. Online and paint store advice indicated that colors look darker on paper than on the wall. So, I took the plunge and went with "Yellow Rain Coat" - the painters did 3 coats of it yesterday on our 12x20 living room, and I'm not happy with the results at all. It's just blindingly yellow! I also opted for "Tropical Orange" for our small foyer, hoping for a deep terracotta, as the paint chip suggested; however that too is much too bright and red. I can live with a red foyer, but the Yellow Rain Coat is just too much...

Any tips and suggestions? Online advice I'm reading now seems to suggest opting for Gold paints rather than yellows for the desired effect in a relatively small room - but colors like "You are My Sunshine (BM 302)" seem too pale.

Unfortunately, we are very short on time, as the painters must be done tomorrow. We're also not very happy with the quality of their work, but that's another story.

Sigh... thanks for listening and thanks for any help!

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