Help with re-painting oak kitchen cabinets

Karen Marcely
12 years ago

I painted my oak cabinets BM linen white several years ago. I originally did them in oil, but have repainted them since then in latex. I am now going to repaint yet again, mostly because I want to do a slight color change and also because they need it. I am getting granite countertops that are a cream color with beige, browns and black markings in it. I want to do a cabinet color that is a little more creamy, not so whiteish/yellowly looking as the BM linen white. I have several questions below that I hope I can get some answers to.

Can anyone recommend some colors and should I do it in a semi gloss? I have done previously in a satin finish and it almost feels chaulky to touch. Also do I do a clear coat finish after? Will it yellow if I do? What is the difference between acrylic paints and latex? Which should I use, would prefer not to use oil. Do I use a brush or a small roller? One last question, need to plug holes as we are changing the hardware. Any special trick to that or just wood puddy and sanding?

Any help to this process would be really appreciated.

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