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I don't know what to paint my bathroom with...

15 years ago

We're repainting an entire home and it's driving me nuts...I've committed to 5 colors so far (afraid using too many will make it look choppy) but here's my reasoning...

Laundry Room (Recycled Glass-Sherwin Williams) liked the clean green look and it's closed off

Son's Room (upstairs away from the main living areas) Blonde because it matches his Redwall book jacket...doing a themed room there

Foyer/Hall downstairs (Monroe Bisque-BM) it looked rather neutral on the stick but does seem kind of goldy in the house but I'm okay with it.

Great Room/Kitchen (Jamesboro Gold- BM) having white/glazed cabinets and bookshelves I wanted to go deeper color here...think this will work (haven't put it on yet)

Two rooms I need a color for our the Dining Room and the guest bath which will double as our powder room and be most used...

For the Bath I have put down dal-tile

and my vanity is

The countertop won't be black as I bought just the vanity (great deal!) and am having a piece of Santa Cecelia granite put on it today. Toilet is white and tub is bisque or almond...

The hallway (Monroe Bisque) will be what you see before entering the bath and the same for the dining room...

The trick with the Dining room is that it has a double tray ceiling but each tray is only one inch deep...thought about picking a color and going lighter (1/4 mix paint then 1/8 paint on ceiling) as I go up...any tips or pictures you can suggest would be great.

Here's a link to the house

I think you have to check in under the blogspot...if anyone can show me how to add pictures directly in to the post I'd be so appreciative!



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