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ugly beach house - pic is good for a laugh but I need help!

13 years ago

I am the owner of an ugly beach house that was a dyi convert from a cottage to a duplex (all that's misssing to complete the picture are a broken washer and upholstered couch on the front porch).

I foolishly purchased at the height of the market in '05 and renovation funds are close to nil, but I think I need to do something to enhance its outside appearance to attract renters to the first floor unit. Using the neighbor's lovely garden as a frame to hide the concrete driveway/front yard helps in the photos but doesn't do much in person.

The exterior has a plethora of colors and materials: red brickface on the front, grey concrete block on the downstairs porch, light yellow/cream stucco on the bottom sides and back, light blue siding on the top sides and back, red painted pressure treated upper porch, some dark blue trim and doors, some white trim and doors, some brick trim, white vinyl outside stairs, white siding under the stairs, white aluminum soffits, some slate on lower porch and steps and what used to be ubiquitous tinted pink stone stucco stuff in the back.

There is a unit up and one down, as well as a bunk house in the back. I don't have pictures of all sides but here is my craigslist ad with pics (scroll to the bottom - sorry, I can't figure out how else to post a pic - please ignore the ad and hit control and plus sign to make the pics bigger).

I am at a loss for ideas. The only good thing is that there is so little wood, the place is almost maintenance free. We replaced the old red steps with white and I am in the process of painting the upper porch rails white. My thought is to paint the brick the same cream/yellow as the stucco (which I don't think is painted) but I don't want to create a maintenance nightmare and I don't know if I can paint the blue vinyl siding (it is fading though). Suggestions?

Here is a link that might be useful: ugly beach house

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