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Open Floor Plan update#2 (pics and questions)

11 years ago

Hello all!

I've a few updated pictures and new questions! I can't believe I'm still decorating this space, but we spend 90% of our time in this room, so it's worth it to me.

Here are the new pics:

Wing chair arrived. New lamp.

I did swap the artwork as someone suggested.

New accent pillows. I'm loving that suzani print.

added orange/ coral accents throughout the space:

So here are the questions,

1. looking for a new coffee table. Do you see rustic wood?

Modern wood:


I'm leaning towards the rustic wood, b/c i think it will ground the space. Right now it feels like there's all this stuff around the periphery with nothing with weight in the middle. I also need something larger than what i have now. I like the idea of a lower shelf to put board games and baskets for remote controls and books. My only hesitation is that this coffee table is very trendy and I wonder if it's a mistake. I also don't want to look like a page out of a RH catalog, although nothing in the space was purchased there.

2. ottoman or stool. I would a single or a pair of ottomans or stools- to put up our feet, extra seating during parties or to put a tray on and use as an extra table. I feel that either the ottoman or coffee table need to be round/oval. Otherwise there would be too much squareness to the room. I'm thiking of using that orange/coral color or a tan leather. Here are a few I'm considering:

3. Dining room parson's chair slipcover. I want new slipcovers for the dinng room parson's chairs. I want long ones to cover the legs. The space is getting a little "leggy" IYKWIM. There are ready made ones in a solid flax- shoud I do that, or go for some color& pattern. Here are a few fabrics I like but not sure if the color scheme is right.

4. Last question! I love the spaces where people use African baskets as wall art. What do you guys think about putting up 4-5 baskets above the tv? I already have the baskets scattered throughout the house- you can see one of them in the pictures above.

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