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Can Farrow & Ball paint be glazed?

13 years ago

Hello all,

This is my first time to post on Gardenweb, but I have been a fan for a long time and have really learnt a lot here.

I live on a fishing trawler in San Francisco which I bought almost 6 years ago. I have spent all my time turning it into a very cosy home and now I am on the last lap. The paint!!

I have been using Farrow & Ball paint in London (and in Paris) over the years but I had no idea that it was so popular in the States. I am so impressed by the deep knowledge that some of you have about the paint, at least as good as the F & B stores in London & Paris and a lot more practical.

So now I am agonizing about colour choices. It`s a small space, obviously, but I get so much light coming through my windows (it was built as a liveaboard by a retired navy guy for he and his wife to live and fish on, so not at all pokey like a normal yacht) and the light seems to suck the energy out of the subtle F&B colours. Anyway, apart from the colour, I would also like to recede the walls, and I was wondering if anyone had tried to glaze over F&B paint. In other words, water down a 3rd coat?

Just an idea I am toying with, and as I say, there is so much good sense and good taste on this site, I thought I would ask.

Thanks a lot,


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