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Small Changes to Bathroom for Quick Sale

13 years ago

I agree with the thoughts expressed on another thread: why wait until you're selling or thinking of selling, to update or decorate your home? Why not do these things for yourself, and your own family's enjoyment?

Personally though, I have another perspective, one that is unfortunate but probably all too common. We have just been trying to keep up with the bills, our jobs are seasonal, and doing basic maintenance gets expensive sometimes. Now that we're thinking of selling, it is a perfect EXCUSE to decorate on a small scale, just to spiff up the joint.

This ties in with my previous post about updating the DR light fixture. Other suggestions were possibly to change out faucets and hardware, that basic window treatments s/b consistent, etc.

Anyway, I have two bathrooms that I can't afford to gut completely, they have white tile two-thirds of the way up all four walls. The smaller bathroom (60" x 44") has a strip of gray accent tiles. I need to paint, and add towels and accessories, and need your help. We could re-tile the floor in the smaller room. It was not my best effort, we used gray tiles and white grout. I prefer a neutral palette, but want it to stand out. I could use suggestions.

What do you think about tan walls with the white tile, gray accent tile, and black tile floors? The tub has a sliding glass door that I can't afford to update. Would it look weird to hang a shower curtain above the door frame to add color and pattern? In effect, to treat it like a window, in a windowless room?

Here is a link that might be useful: Bathroom in Need of Update

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