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American Girl vs. Gotz vs. Ott

16 years ago


Wondering if anyone has any thoughts on whether to buy an American Girl, Gotz Precious Day, Gotz Sarah or Heidi Ott 18" vinyl play doll for an 8 y.o. girl?

She is not very brand-conscious now, mostly wants a girl doll to play with at home and with her friends who have mostly AG. She is nurturing and doll-oriented; her younger sister (7) will want a doll for the me-too factor, but is not nearly as interested. For various reasons I won't get into, the younger's me-too -ism is worthy of a certain amount of understanding and respect at this point. While we are working on differentiating according to actual inherent likes/dislikes and interests, for something this special that affects their joint social life, we need to pay attention.

Anyway, in online photos, it seems the Gotz and Ott dolls may actually have prettier features. Does anyone know how well they match up in quality (aga or better, worse?), playability or appeal?

I'm pretty sure all clothes fit all dolls except the Sarah may have bigger feet....anybody know for sure?


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