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Question re which hardwood to get...

14 years ago

As we wind down on the Major Multi-Year project, the smaller ones in other parts of the house are starting to pop their heads up...this is one of the biggest smaller projects.

We have site-finished (Bona Kemi Traffic) white oak in our foyer, which is currently leading right into a carpeted living room. We want to pull up the carpet, and want to put down hardwoods, but not site-finished, because we can't DIY Bona Kemi's process, we don't have a dust-free sander, it's a matter of putting down pre-finished something or other.

My question: should the flooring be prefinished white oak? Or should it be a hardwood that we have in the master bedroom, which is strandwoven bamboo in a "natural" color that we chose because it is pretty close to the oak but more sustainable? Because of the tiny microbevels on prefinished flooring, the prefinished white oak would look like we tried to match but couldn't, or something, and the bamboo would definitely look different...

Any thoughts would be most welcome.

Doesn't really need a pic of our place, since it's just a question about materials, not design. Here is white oak and down below is the kind of bamboo. They're pretty close in color.

This brings out the Libra in me...I can make a good argument that we should get the bamboo because it's not trying to match so much, but it's close, and it's more sustainable, and I can make an argument for the white oak in that it will be the same wood and same tone, just finished in a different method...argh!

Here is a link that might be useful: the two colors at the top

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