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Need help choosing Kitchen Paint color that flows w/ other rooms

12 years ago

I have a pretty traditional colonial house. Staircase and foyer in the middle with half bath under stairs. And living room, kitchen, and what will be my sitting room all flowing in a circle around those stairs.

I just had my cabinets painted White Dove (BM)...sorry I don't have pics since they were painted. My cabinets are a green Corian color and my floor is tiled with big reddish/brown tiles. The living room color you see (and the color below chair rail in these pics) is Ralph Laurens Crabapple. I am leaving this in my living room so I need the kitchen to coordinate with this color AND those green countertops. (hate them but not gonna change them at this point)...My sitting room is opposite the living is a room wrapped in beautiful wainscoting. So I need a color recommendation to go there too please. And you can see my little half bath from the kitchen too so a color recommendation for that too would be great! No windows in this bathroom.

I've included a link to my blog where I posted pics and asked for help when deciding to paint the cabinets. Hope they are helpful. :-)

Here is a link that might be useful: Help me paint my kitchen