Chicken and egg dilemma

9 years ago


I think I am I am not understanding something about the design process. We have a great pair of architects working on our house plans. We are building a rather modern, but definitely "Texas" style home. The architects are are excited about DH's vision, and are investing much of themselves into our project. They are receptive, creative and detailed. But..., I'm not sure they have spent a lot of time cooking. I have definite ideas about what I want to achieve in the kitchen layout/design/atmosphere/decor. But..., I've never actually designed a kitchen and don't want to mess this one up as it will be my "forever" kitchen.

I have tried to find a CKD (via the internet) to hire as a consultant to make sure that what I am doing "works", and to hopefully think of aspects that I have missed. It seems that it is hard to tell how/if someone is licensed, and I don't know how much this matters. The actual CKDs that I have talked to are tied to cabinet companies, so are willing to talk for a bit, but not too much unless they are sure of our cabinetry business. Understandable. But..., by the time we are ready to take bids for cabinets, it will be too late to change anything big in the kitchen plan. Who is and how do I find the person who is expert at advising on our particular kitchen regarding design, configuration, appliances, materials, etc?

I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, so I'm sure there must be some great talent somewhere nearby. Am I looking in the wrong way, or am I mis-understanding the process?


P.S. I will also definitely post the current version of the kitchen for feedback from the very talented GardenWeb community!

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