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How do I get sheen to match in patched area of ceiling

16 years ago

We are remodeling our kitchen and took down an old bulkhead over our island. Our GC patched it and matched the knock down skim coat. I had repainted the rest of the ceiling (last done 17 years ago when the house was built) with one coat of flat white which covered very well and then when the repaired area was finished, I painted the patched area with Bin primer followed by 2 coats of flat white. After one coat, it was noticeable - after two coats it blends pretty well except the patched area seems shiny and the other does not (and its all the same flat paint).

Everything looks fine to anyone not looking really close - but myself knowing where the bulkhead was looks and it seams the sheen is different between the patched area and the rest of the ceiling (same paint was used everywhere).

Then I took some photo's and it does jump out at me with the flash.

Any thoughts? No one else has noticed and I hate to red-do the whole ceiling. When I did the 2nd coat, I extended the painting way past the patched area but only the new skimcoat area seems to have a different sheen. Is this simply due to how the areas are taking / absorbing the paint or?


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