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need advice on sprucing up the facade on my mothers house

9 years ago

looking to do a bit of exterior freshening up on my moms house since i plan on changing out garage doors and fix the garage opening to match on both sides(dont ask why but it was done intentionally by my father awhile back).

as you can see the outside is rather blah and needs a lot of work. without obliterating my wallet, wanted to see get some ideas on updating the look.
i would like to maintain the top half of the vinyl. at some point within the next year or so, ill be redoing the roof with new shingles so keep that in mind.

i was thinking of adding plantation shutters.
a neighbor added an aeshetic iron balcony that spans from window end to window end which looks pretty nice
for the bottom half(note the 2nd floor overhangs about 3 feet over the lower level in the front) change out the vinyl to a mix of stucco and possibly brick or faux stone. or stone the entire face of the first floor which is popular for the area. also plan on adding a couple wall sconce lights on each end.

pls help. thanks

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