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BM Advance drying gritty?

9 years ago

Hi-- I searched for an answer to this but had no luck. I sure hope someone can help!

I am in the middle of two projects-- a vanity cabinet and a wooden settle. I'm working on them in the same room, right next to each other. The vanity is unfinished oak and the settle is mahogany (maybe). I've used the same prep on both-- sand, remove dust (vacuum, then tack cloth), prime, sand and remove dust, two topcoats with very light sand and dust removal between them. On the vanity cabinet I used BM Aura semi gloss and the piece looks great and feels totally smooth. On the settle I used BIN primer after sanding what was left of the original finish off and then BM Advance high gloss. The BIN dried very nice and smooth. Both coats of the Advance went on with what seemed to be little bits of lint and have dried with what feels and looks like some kind of crud/dust/grit all over. It looks and feels terrible.

I know there was no dust left from the sanding. What could possibly be the problem? I put the 2nd coat on with a new brush because I thought maybe the brush somehow had stuff in it even though I cleaned the heck out of it. I also wait at least 24 hours between each coat since I'm doing this when the kids are in bed.

I hate to throw out the rest of the quart of Advance but what else can I do?

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