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Need help from professional painters!!!

14 years ago

We are building a new home...should be in it by now, but have had terrible issues with sheetrock work and then the paint. Every room in the house has seams showing. They are finished I forgot to mention. We have 18 foot tall walls as you enter the foyer and over the kitchen area. First, they said they would only use Valspar paint..primed, painted using their much loved paint and all you see is roller marks every where! Not to mention terrible places in sheetrock. So we tried to get the builder to "STOP" and get sheetrock guys back in..Let's try a different finish he said...first eggshell, now flat in Valspar. Same thing..then they try Sherwin Williams flat..same thing. Roller marks everywhere. Now the builder brings in the sheetrock guys...skim coated these walls and sanded..painters return primed using white primer..used gray before as it's a dark gold color being used on these walls. We decided to ask builder to use another painter as there were other paint issues going on in the house. Brought in new painter (crew of 3). Mudded places in walls, sanded spot primed and are using Benjamin Moore paint...what do you know...same problem..roller marks everywhere! Somebody please tell me what in the world the problem is and what needs to be done to get these walls right? This has been going on since Feb. Our builder is very honest and keeps saying he wants us to be satisfied. We feel terrible that this is costing him so much in labor and paint, but want it right. To make us feel even worse, his wife has stage 3 breast cancer and is fighting for her life! We almost feel that we should just accept the ugly walls and deal with it later because he is dealing with so much right now! Can someone please help! Thanks so much for any guidance! UPDATE! The new painter has noticed bubbling of the can actually peel away sheets of I guess paint. He feels that the last painters did not get dust off the walls as you can feel it on the back side of the sheets that have come off the walls and see white powder in your hands. Ben Moore rep to come out tomorrow morning..hope he can shed some light on this nightmare!!

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