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Update & Progress Pics on DD's Vintage/Shabby BR

Valerie Noronha
14 years ago

I wanted to share with you my progress on my 8-year-old DD's vintage/shabby bedroom. Also, to thank everyone for their suggestions and feedback so far--esp. in regards to painting furniture which is a new undertaking for me.

Since my last post we purchased on CL an iron daybed with popup trundle, a Victorian desk chair and two new nightstands (just today). While I liked the other nightstand it was a few inches too wide and I also decided that I wanted to flank the daybed with matching nightstands. I still feel bad I did not act quick enough on a desk I had asked for feedback last week. I realize I should've gone with my first instinct to just get it--as it was a perfect match--both style and size. While I've seen other desks since then either they are too large or not that pretty. I may still end up using what we have if I cannot find anything better.

This is the dresser before along with the old nightstand. I am trying to find a spot for the nightstand elsewhere as I really like it, just not for this space.

We choose to paint the walls BM Jamacian Aqua and the furniture BM Satin Impervo Bavarian Cream. DD picked out the Dotty WTs. I was a bit unsure of them at first, but she likes them--hope they look OK. So far, all I've painted is the highboy which turned out to be quite a learning experience, but I think it turned out well. Between the previous paint job and mine, the drawers eneded up sticking and in one place not even fitting so I had to then sand down all the edges and then do a light finish coat. Now I know to be careful painting the drawers! As for the original pulls, I think they were a thin chrome plate over some type of metal. As the chrome had worn away in places, I decided to use Rustoleum on them in a Satin Nickel.

Here is the little Victorian chair I purchased for $20 on CL. It was kinda beat up/ratty looking and I wasn't too sure I wanted it so I ended up bargining the seller down from $45, then after that I visited an antique store on my way home and say similar chairs for $125. Does anyone have any fabric suggestions for the seat?

Next I plan to paint the nightstands while I continue to check out CL for other desk/antique vanity options.

Meanwhile I could use some feedback on the lamps and the rug. Right now I have both a lime and aqua lamp; though I've also thought about a clear candlestick lamp with a different shade.. I'm thinking now of putting a lamp on each nightstand to keep the look symmetrical. Nightstands willl be painted white. Pls. vote which lamp looks better, assuming the white nightstands, or suggest something else.

Next, I've narrowed it down to two chenille/cotton washable rugs from one lime, one an aqua/blue color. Size will be 4x6 centered in front of daybed. Pls. vote on that as well.

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