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Rethinking king size bed for master- anyone regret their queen?

11 years ago

I've got a few threads going on our master bedroom. It is pretty much agreed by everyone here that our bedroom is suited for a queen size bed instead of a king. And I am now rethinking my "need" for a king.

Hubby and I are not large people and we probably never will be. Furthermore, dh is a commercial airline pilot and is gone about half the week. This will continue until he retires, and we are both 31 right now, so another 34 years.... half the time, it's just me in the bed.

It's just that when I hear about "adults" buying master bedroom furniture, they always buy king size beds. We are perfectly happy w/ our queen size right now, and since we WOULD be getting new mattresses, we will be even more happy I'm sure.

By getting a queen size, this would allow my husband to get the bed he prefers- which is pretty darn massive. It will look much nicer in our bedroom vs. a king.

Any thoughts? Anyone regret NOT having a king size bed? OR (even better :) anyone regret buying their king and wished they would have stayed w/ a queen?

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