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Can oil based primer be tinted black?

14 years ago

Hi -

We are painting about 2 billion (only a slight exaggeration) old metal casement windows. We've started on two banks of 45 panes/each as test areas. We scraped & sanded the old, flaky, rusty paint (they were white and showed some rust staining) - both inside & out - and primed one set with white primer & one set with gray primer.

We are doing with a black finish coat.

Both types of primer are causing us grief when we are razor blading the panes upon clean up. Obviously the gray is a little better - but it's also much stinkier which is why we were trying out the white.

Can primer of any brand be tinted black - or very dark charcoal or something? That would really make this project tons better & save us a step of having to go back & touch up with a tiny artist brush.....

Another thing we're not happy about - but will have to live with is that you can often see the glazing (light gray) around panes that have been replaced over the years. We are not going to replace all the glass - so it's something we'll learn to overlook.... and new windows are not an option at this point, but will probably be something we do some day.

Please tell us we can get black primer!

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