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SW Proclassic Semi-gloss - too many brush marks, what to do?

10 years ago

My carpenter built two built-in bookcases with bottom cabinet doors for my basement and I researched high and low for a good paint that will come out smoothly and professionally. Based on the recommendations of many posts and blogs, I went with Sherwin Williams Pro classic semi-gloss water-based. My carpenter applied one coat of SW Premium Wall and Wood Primer, and two coats of the Pro classic, and sanded after each coat. He used the best brushes for this type of application (not sure of the brand). The result looked awful, with many brush marks. I went back to SW and got some XIM x-tender and a Purdy 2.5" brush. He tried adding a little to a lot of the x-tender and that didn't make much difference. The paint still goes on too thick and sanding (using fine sanding paper) doesn't seem to smooth it out. What other techniques should we try? Now that we've done 2 coats, would a third coat make any difference? Try spraying just for the doors (would be too messy for the frame but those aren't that visible in normal light)?

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