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Please comment on my exterior paint color? (PICS)

14 years ago

I have to decide what colors to use on my exterior trim, shutters, and garage door (new construction house.) I'm hoping you can provide some suggestions.

Here is a picture of my inspiration house:

Close up of the inspiration house:

You will notice the stucco is putty gray, the trim paint is dark, dark gray, and the rock is multi-colored grays, golds, browns, and beiges. The garage door and shutters are stained a golden color.

And here are pictures of my house as of last week:

We used the same stucco color and rock as the inspiration house (the builders sort of know each other so the inspiration builder told my builder which materials he used) and also plan to use the same dark gray trim paint -Hazel's Coat by Kelly-Moore:

Now, on to my problem: I need to decide what color our garage door and shutters should be. I could copy my inspiration house and have them stained a golden brown but my house faces southwest and my painter tells me that if I stain them, I will have to re-stain them every few years because of the intense sun and heat in my city. I believe him because I know someone who has had to stain their garage door 3 times in the past 8 years due to excessive fading in the sun. DH and I are not handy people, by the way.

If I rule out staining, I guess my only option is to use paint. But I don't know what color to use. I don't want to use the dark gray trim color or else our house will look like a prison - too much gray. I need something warm to liven it up. But I'm concerned about painting them golden brown. It seems like it would be too much, too intense, too strange. Also, my front door is stained a walnut color so that adds something else into the mix.

Please tell me what you think about all of this - I don't have the Designer's Eye so it's incredibly challenging and stressful for me to figure this stuff out. I seem to think everything needs to be matchy-matchy and symmetrical so the paint colors have been hands-down the hardest part of the whole building process.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!



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