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HELP! Need to pick paint color by 7am for Master Bath!!!!

10 years ago

I have not been on here in like FOREVER! Hoping I can get some very quick help from all the wonderful people here. Some of you might remember by Palladian Blue bedroom from last it is... the middle of the Master Bath remodel and I want it to coordinate with the Palladian Blue. I put samples up on the walls of Wythe Blue and Stratton Blue (both from the Palladian Blue card) but I am not sure if either of these colors work in the bathroom. The tiles are in already....they are a creamy color....the rectangle block represents the cabinet color (another creamy biscuit shade), and the chunk of quartz is the counter top...neutral shades with flecks of brown. As you can see all the permanent fixtures in the bathroom are going to be a creamy color so I want a nice contrasting color for the walls but worried that these blues are just not jiving. Should I not be doing blue????? Should I be using a neutral goldy brown instead? What else coordinates with Palladian Blue????

I thought I would have more time to make this decision but was informed today that the contractors want to start painting TOMORROW before the cabinets get installed.


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