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Craftsman 2 story Bungalow

11 years ago

I am purchasing a 2 story Craftsman Bungalow. The current colors on the house are a pale green and cream. The house has nice details on the exterior as well as cedar shake and clapboard. The second story has the shakes and the first story has the clapboard. I am going to change the roof from slate shingles to either asphalt shingles or a metal roof if the historic society allows it. I would like any advice on choosing colors for the house.

My first question is whether cedar shakes were painted or solid stained on a house built in 1918? Right now I want to improve the curb appeal of the home. I am considering using a cedar color on the shakes and a cream color on the lower body of the house with accents colors of a reddish tone and or brown to make the house appear more accurate.

The foundation is brick and has been painted a gray. I probably can't strip all the paint off the foundation but I would like to use maybe a brown color on the foundation. The interior is a whole different scenario to develop a color scheme for each room. The walls are plaster and the floors have been painted dark brown. I am unsure whether the floors can be stripped and sanded back enough to stain them.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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