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stair railing....what style?

10 years ago

Well, now it's the stairs I'm unsure of! I know this is kitchen forum, but the stairs are right before you get to my kitchen ;-)...a little more activity here too.

Here's our plan...the stairs are right there when you come in the front door, just a few steps, then they turn left to go the rest of the way upstairs:

I've found 3 different styles in general so far.

Here the spindles go directly from the handrail into the step:

Here there is a wall next to the steps for an oak cap for the spindles to go on:

And here's theres the spindles go between 2 rails, so there is space between the steps and the bottom of the railing:

So here's our situation...we will have carpet on the stairs, and I guess I had just planned on the carpet wrapping around the edge of the step as in picture #1. Now that I have researched it and need to start deciding on what kind of railing I want, I'm realizing there are options. And I'm am the most indecisive person you will ever know.

After knowing what I know now...I would rather have similar to picture #2, with the oak cap on that extra little wall next to the steps. Problem is, if we build that little wall, then will I lose 4 to 6 inches on the right side of my foyer? OR, they would have to rebuild that first portion of the steps, so the 1st few inches was wall like that, then I lose a few inches on my steps.

I believe my foyer is a total of 8 feet wide..if I'm gonna give a few inches I think I'd rather it be on the steps. Gonna talk to my contractor, but thought I'd come here for opinions too!

FYI...we are not sheetrocked yet, electricians are there, but I don't believe there are any wires in this area. The railing will also be on the 2nd floor between the steps and the upstairs livingroom.

If you have pictures of your stairway/railing with carpet wrap around or with an oak cap like that or similar I'd love to see them! Most carpeted steps on Houzz have carpet just down the center of the step.

Also, the rest of the trim in our home will be white and our cabinets are stained I'm trying to figure out how to work some wood (probably oak) into the stairway railing. Iron spindles are a possibility too, but haven't seen any I really like.

Thanks in advance for your input!

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