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We live in Kansas, my daughter has been offered a babysitting summer job. Aproximatly 36-38hrs a week daytime, Monday-Friday. Two elementary age kids for $100.00 a week, my husband and I feel this is too little a salary. She is 15 and will be in 10 grade. what should the going rate be.

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That is $2.77 per hour, not enough.

More than the low pay ($2.77/hr.), I would be concerned about whether or not your daughter will enjoy 7-hour days, 5 days a week, watching over two young children. Are there things planned for the children, classes, lessons or whatever to break up the time? Not only that, if she feels underpaid, she will become resentful long before summer's end. Honestly, to me it just sounds burdensome for a 15-year-old. I'd rather see her have a part-time job, maybe take a summer school class, be able to spend some time with friends, maybe helping around your house.

I wonder if she would want to job share with someone, in other words, she would work there part time and a friend or someone else part time.

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I'd turn it down. A daycare would probably charge more than that. You could call a couple of local daycares and find out.

You're daughter can make more than $100/week flipping burgers. She probably wouldn't be working more than 25 hours a week either. The customer service experience and learning to deal with the public might mean more to her in another job later.

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I think it's asking for burn-out in a hurry. 15 year olds need some down time and time to be with friends during the summer. Even school doesn't take up this much time.

This reminds of some friends of mine to whom I recommended a babysitter. She was 18, in college, loved kids, and was a great sitter. They hired her to come take care of their son nearly everyday. They had unsual work schedules and regular daycare was hard to find. The sitter had no time to do anything else in her life but school and this family. Also, they didn't want her to do her homework while she was at their house, so she was very stressed. It didn't last long.

When my kids were babies (13 years ago), the going rate was $75-$100 per week PER CHILD for in-home child care.

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I have friends that hire a highschooler for their daughters.
I wish I knew the pay scale but I'm sure it's more than $100 per week.

They signed the girls up for swim team so the sitter takes them to the pool every day. Then they go home, have lunch, and either go back to the pool in the afternoon or play in the yard.

The sitter enjoys being at the pool also - at that age, I would have also!

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I hired a high schooler...she has her license and will take the kids places etc...I have 2 elementary boys...she will required to help with some summer school work...the sitter will cook breakfast and lunch...we request no more than 1 hour TV or Wii per day(unless rainy) and we request that she be in view of the boys outside play...she must also be outside...No friends in the house unless we OK first etc.....and we pay $300 per week...we live Central Il. For your dd at 15 for 100 per week is not great but if she can't drive that puts a lot of responsibility on either the sitter to come up with activities at home...or on the parents to find LOTS of home activities...So to me 15 is too young for the entire summer. I require too much interaction. And at 15 burnout would be too high of a risk...and then 1/2 thru the summer I might have to get new sitter...

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While I would be okay with my 15 year old minding the toddlers next door for a few hours Sat. night, while the parents go to dinner and a movie, I would NOT allow my 15 year old to take on the full-time responsibility for a couple of kids all summer. That's just too much.

She's not an adult, she doesn't have a lot of life experience. Is she trained and qualified in emergency first aid? Does she know how to: turn off the water, electric, gas in the house in case of an emergency? How well equiped would she be to handle someone trying to force their way into the house? or trying to molest her while she was trying to care for these 2 kids? (and that happened to me once when I was a teen). Burnout? Oh, bigtime--I babysat 3 days a week for a working mom at that age, and it got old really fast, and I really resented having been pushed by my mom into taking the job.

Your daughter would be a lot better off taking a job where there are other kids her age working. Have her look into assisting with your town's summer rec program, or working at a fast food place (or Friendly's--they often hire underaged kids), or maybe at an actual daycare center. She will do better if there are others around to rely on and socialize with.

And yes--to answer your question, that is way, way too low a salary for what they're asking of her. It's LESS than 1.50/hour per child! Your daughter should be making AT LEAST $5/hour PER CHILD if she's going to consider doing this. It's a HUGE amount of work and responsibility to care for elementary-aged children 8 hours a day. I know a lot of first, second and third year teachers who aren't capable of keeping them happy, safe and occupied all day.

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