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Do you prefer carpet or hardwood flooring?

15 years ago

I value all of your opinions on this forum...I am mainly a lurker, only chime in now and then (mostly to ask for advice, it seems!)But your talent and suggestions knock me out, so I was wondering if you would tell why you prefer one over the other and why.

Right now, I have wall to wall carpet, but will have to be replaced sometime soon. I go back & forth between wanting hardwood floors and carpeting...we do have 4 dogs (all over 50 lbs), and a foster pup (altho he has been here for quite awhile, so it looks like HE has decided to adopt US!) Daughter is a vet tech, and brings orphans home to me! I'm a sucker for a wet nose...

so I am interested in upkeep, etc...

Any feedback is appreciated! Thanks.

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