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Primer for new drywall w/ paint questions

13 years ago

How long does a person normally have to wait to prime new drywall? Total remodel of kitchen required some areas of new drywall and would like to get the paint up before the new floor goes down. My problem is the tile guy is going to be starting right after the drywall guys are done, so I don't have a very big time frame window. After my research in this forum, we have decided to use BM product for the walls and trim, the ceiling will be a flat and will probably use Kilz flat paint for that. My drywaller has told me to use a flat latex paint to prime, that it would work just fine. We would really like to use a flat or matte finish on the walls, but realize the durability is a factor. The BM Aura paints sound nice, but sound a little tricky concerning fast drying times and application technique. I would prefer to use something a little less challenging, but still get a nice result. I much prefer advice from users before I go to the paint store. We are also painting the existing trim which is stained and varnished. What would you recommend as a preparation and paint choice that would finish off nice and be durable? So many questions, so little time. Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated. We want this to look nice, but lost our working cushion when the tiler moved us up on his list. Hopefully this can come together, we have been too busy to get stressed out.

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