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Paint Trim a Darker Color?

14 years ago

Ok this is my first post in the paint forum but I need some opinions.

I have SW semi gloss interior walls that are Sand Dollar (light tan I guess). The trim was painted with flat ceiling paint when the house was built in 2006 and looks hideous, I did start to sand,prime and repaint the trim BM SeaFoam enamel but am not thrilled with the brush marks that are left behind.

Ok now to the question... I have stumbled onto a photo or two of a similar color wall with darker trim and it really looked good but I am unsure of it in this application.

I have standard trim around the windows and 3.5" base trim and that is about it and the trim job is horrible with nothing coped just 45's that are caulked.

I have oak hardwood in the kitchen that has poly on it with little or no stain and the carpet is going to be replaced with Ivory something from Mohawk. I have a new microfiber sectional that is a shade darker or so than the paint on the cushions and dark brown leather on the bottom foot sections, sides and back.

I thought a rich mocha like color would really look good on the doors and trim and then wonder if the doors would be too much. UGH. I want something different than just 'white' but I don't want to jump too far off the deep end.

I really need to replace the trim and do it right but then can't decide what style to go with and how tall when the majority of the ceilings are 8" other than the living room that is vaulted and goes up to 20' which would also probably look good with cove up in the corner following the wall/ ceiling line.

Please any idea's would be greatly appreciated. I am all ears!

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